Comparing covers: Guilty Pleasures

Since there was talk about graphic novels at the Weekly Geeks recently and that made me think of Anita Blake (whom I strongly dislike) I decided to have a look at the cover of Guilty Pleasures , the first Anita Blake novel.


I like the top left one, which is the most recent one, but the others? Not really. The one with the lips looks like some erotic romance, which the Anita Blake books definitely aren’t. And who is the guy in the bottom left one? Jean-Claude? I hope not!

The second German cover is a total failure. What on Earth does this romantic looking cover have to do with Anita Blake? People who pick up the book based on the cover art are in for a surprise.

The non-translated title (I call it non-translated, since they once more made up a new title instead of translating the original one) is “Bittersweet deaths”, I don’t know how that relates to the book either. I know, it is practically next to impossible to translate “Guilty Pleasures” into German; there is no catchy expression, and certainly none that would do for a book title (or club name). But I’m sure they could have found one a bit more fitting than this harmless, cozy mystery one.

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