Why I like amazon

You might have noticed that I added a link to amazon in the sidebar. I have been an amazon affiliate for quite some time but never did anything with that. I know, “amazon fail”, amazon is big, bad and evil, we should promote independent book shops etc. etc. When it comes to m/m fiction I add links to the publishing site anyway, but with other books I usually add an amazon link, mostly because I am not familiar at all with US independent book shops and amazon is my first choice when it comes to buying books over here. All that aside, recently I had a customer experience with amazon.de that made me an even more loyal customer than I have been already.

I had ordered a smartphone from them and on the way the phone and battery had been stolen out of the package. Bad! Would amazon believe me when I told them? Anybody could say that, couldn’t they? I called amazon and explained the situation. Within half an hour I got an email from the customer service that a new phone was being dispatched. Without any fuss or further statements from my side amazon replaced the whole order. Admittedly we are pretty good customers, this probably wouldn’t have happened if I had never ordered with them before, but nevertheless. So, say about amazon what you want. As far as I am concerned they pretty much reached their goal of providing the best customer service out there.

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  1. I will admit I am not a big fan of Amazon – but I am all for customer service. If that works, half the battle is done and in your case it did – Kudos to them…

    Nice to hear good things about a company that takes a lot of flack..



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