Weekend cooking: The best film about food – ever

If you like movies and food you will probably know this film already – if you don’t know it, it’s about time. I’m speaking about “Tampopo”, a film by Japanese director Juzo Itami. It is one of my favourite films, it is brilliant, full of humor, mouth-watering, simply wonderful.

It is the story about the quest for the perfect noodle soup, it is the story about what’s important in life, it is a romance, a comedy, a tragedy, a gangster film, it is everything a film can be. There is a main plot, to which we always come back, and a number of side stories – all food related – that all blend into each other. It’s perfect. I don’t know the number of times I have seen it, but I will never tire of it. The trailer below is in Japanese, but the pictures speak for themselves.



I can’t resist showing you my favourite scene of the movie, if not my favourite movie scene ever. It is one of the short side stories of the film. Don’t worry, this one has subtitles, :-).


If you have never seen “Tampopo”, go and watch it!

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  1. EEKS!

    I’m a food lover, movie geek *and* Japan fan but I haven’t seen Tampopo yet! I’ve heard of it but never knew it should be on my MUST SEE list… Thanks!

    I very recently saw the foodie films Estomago (Brazilian) and Bella Martha (German). I had high expectations of the first but (or ‘so’?) I was quite disappointed. I hadn’t heard of the other before and it was fun 🙂 But my all-time favourite food film is probably Babette’s Feast! Have you seen it?

    [Skipped on the trailers btw because I like to keep it a surprise. Your recommendation is enough in itself!]
    .-= Gnoe (@ Graasland)´s last blog ..Indo Bento with Perkedel Djagoeng (#105) =-.


  2. Can I be forgiven if I say I have heard of it – but never watch it…

    I am not a gangster film fan…

    That said – I love the concept of the film, noodles and romance – couldn’t find a better combo..



  3. Beth, I fnd that restaurant scene simply wonderful. Too bad the quality on youtube is not so great. It is hard to choose what scene to post though, there are so many great ones.

    Margot and caite, I’m glad I coulkd give you a tip what to watch. I am not familiar with Netflix, so I can’t help you with that, caite.

    EH, it is not a gangster film per se. There is just one recurring theme about a gangster and his gf, their scenes also are about food and are simply delicious. But there are many more topics. The gangster just happens to be one character in it.


  4. Gnoe, if you like movies, food and Japan this is a must see.
    I have never heard of Bella Martha. I have to look it up. Usually I’m not so much into food films, I don’t know Babette’s feast. Isn’t it Scandinavian?
    If you like Japan, have you watched any other films by Juzo Itami. I know a few of them and they all are really good.


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