Weekly Geeks 2010-21: Reassess your blog / Bloggiesta update 2

Two events are happening at the moment: Bloggiesta and Book Blogger Appreciation Week Registration. Both provide an opportunity to reassess your blog and your blogging goals.
If you are participating in either one, great, but even if you are not you can still take part in this week’s Weekly Geeks.
During Bloggiesta participants are asked to take a look at blogging goals. What are your blogging goals? Maybe you did this for the last Bloggiesta, find that post and reevaluate those goals. Have you reached them? Do they no longer apply?

I’m not going to take part in the BBAW, somehow this is all getting too much. September 20-12 will be the Blogfest 2010 I signed up for, so that will be enough to do already.

For Bloggiesta I already did a mini challenge about labels / tags that was hosted on Beth Fish’s blog. Actually that post of Beth’s made me join the Bloggiesta yesterday.

I only recently gave my blog a new look with a new theme, banner and some cleaning up, but I still have some plans what I want to do in the course of the Bloggiesta.

Oh, I need to get going now…

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  1. Glad you messaged me on Twitter! I almost missed the message! I’ve become one of your followers now. I’m glad to be finding bloggers from other countries. I am organizing an international blogger event and if you are interested, please come look at my blog, A Little Bookish sometime in the next week or two. I am hoping to promote more community between bloggers from all countries and give more bloggers from outside of the U.S. more visibility!

    Good luck on your goals for Bloggiesta. It looks like you have some good ones (like writing future posts–I need to do that too!).


  2. Thanks for your comments.

    EH, yes, my feed reader was a mess, claned it now and organized it. I’m planning to jkeep it that way, we’ll see….:-)

    Carin, I’ll definitely check out your blogger event and your blog in general. I agree, a bit more interactivity with us international people would be nice. That’s why I’m planning to do an international giveaway, like EH has started to do recently, soon.


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