Bloggiesta wrap up

The bloggiesta weekend is over and I’m quite happy with what I was able to do. I didn’t reach all my bloggiesta goals, but I got sidetracked and did some other additional stuff that I hadn’t planned.

So, what did I do?


to go with my current blog header.

  • As far as advance posts go, I only managed to write one Thursday Thirteen post for this week’s Thursday. Not very productive.

All in all I might have spent five hours to do things, not counting the looking at other blogs. I was just doing that in between. Not sure how many comments I left, around twenty or thirty. Not really a lot, I know.

All in all this bloggiesta was a really fun weekend. I also enjoyed the twittering. I’m not a big twitter fan, but it was definitely the easiest way to find everything that was going on and what news, hints and tips everybody had to share.

I hope there will be another bloggiesta next year.

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  1. I’ve really grown to love Twitter for book blogging. It’s easier to read people’s reviews that way than in Google Reader. I also like how much community it seemed to foster over the weekend.

    I think 20-30 replies to people’s blogs is a lot! I don’t know if I did that many. I tried to visit other blogs, but I mostly played on Twitter and commented on blogs when people were asking for advice or posting their updates.

    By the way, I have a sign-up form for my event, Book Read ‘Round the World. I am going around to all the non-American blogs I know and posting the link so that if people are interested they can sign up. I don’t have anyone from Germany yet either! If you know of any other blogs that aren’t American (I have a few Americans signed up already), please let them know about the event. It’d be great to be able to send two books around the world!


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