Barbed wire and bootheels

Blurb: What goes with Barbed Wire and Bootheels? Cowboys, of course. In Vic Winter’s Life on the Land, Jason has worked hard for his land, and for his life. Thank goodness he has Robin to share it all with him. Robin cares for him as much as he cares for his ranch, and he’s sure good things are on the way. In Ride ’em Cowboy by Lorne Rodman, Hue isn’t the only one at the rodeo and fair with an old-fashioned name. He might be a greenhorn, but he sure gets cowboy Chase’s attention. And in Too Careful by Half, by BA Tortuga, Sam and Beau from File Gumbo are learning how to deal with Sam’s terrible injury. And recovery. Earthy, rough and ready, and all cowboy, that’s what this Taste Test is all about.

My thoughts: This is another “Taste Test” by Torquere books (a previous one was Rainy days and Mondays) . Those taste tests are a good way to get acquainted with authors you haven’t read yet, a quick glimpse to see whether you like their style.

“Life on the Land” was just a short moment in the life of Jason and Robin. Nice, but too short really. I would like to know how those guys met and ended up together on the ranch.

“Too careful by half” is obviously some sort of sequel. I’m not sure I like the idea of putting a sequel into a Taste Test since without the knowledge of what happened beforehand (especially in this case) I was at a loss as to how to relate to those guys. I liked their interaction, admittedly, but as a sample of an author’s style a stand alone story would be better.

“Ride ‘em Cowboy” I liked best. It is the beginning of a possible relationship where the two characters meet for the first time, which I always prefer to already established couples. I also liked the atmosphere of the fair, rodeo and the general setting. I wonder whether the story will be continued. I’d get it immediately to find out more about Hue and Chase. Definitely need to check out Lorna Rodman’s backlist.

Barbed wire and bootheels is available at Torquere Books

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