Weekly Geeks 2010-22: Hoarding Behaviour

So this week, I am curious about those gigantic TBR piles which readers tend to accumulate. Please share with us your habits, tendencies or obsessions when it comes to hoarding behavior.

  • Post a photo (or two or three) of your books to-be-read
  • Share your buying or book accumulating habits – how bad of a problem do YOU have?!?!?
  • Do you keep all the books you’ve read, or do you give them away or sell them?
  • Can you walk past a bookstore and not go in? If you go in, do you impulsively purchase?

Don’t let these questions restrict you…tell us all about your hoarding issues, if only to make the rest of us feel better!

I don’t think I have a problem. I know, everybody says that they are alright, but when it comes to hoarding books, I’m good. Sort of. Just a bit erratic and random.

I buy books when I see them and like them, planning to read them soon and then I don’t. On the other hand I buy books and read them right away. It all depends on the book and my mood.

I have no TBR pile, some books are next to my bed, some are on one book shelf, some are on another one. I’m not that organized when it comes to books, I’m afraid. Sometimes I want to read a book and can’t find it. So, maybe I do have a problem after all.

When I see a book store I usually go in. Just to have a look around, not necessarily to buy something.

I used to keep all the books I’ve read, but recently we started to have a severe problem with space. So, now I only keep fiction books I know I might want to re-read again. Others I swap. This month I also started to give away books here on the blog, which I want to keep doing regularly. I have two moving boxes full of books I want to get rid of right now and there are more to come. Somehow though our shelves look just as crowded as they did before. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, it seems.

Have a look at what other Weekly Geeks have to say about their hoarding behaviour!

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  1. I think you’ve got a small problem, if you can’t find books back. I’d say you’re OK not being able to find books that you’ve already read (gee, can’t keep track of them all), but it’s unforgivable to misplace books that you still have to read! 😉

    I have a shelf (currently has 30 books, preferably has 5) that make my physical TBR, and another 100 on Shelfari.com in my virtual TBR. I try to keep numbers down otherwise it’ll get too much for me and I’ll never read them all.
    .-= Leeswammes (Judith)´s last blog ..Weekend Cooking: Chiang Mai =-.


  2. I’ve been good too. And then I wasn’t. Mount TBR is huge again 🙁 I love having plenty to pick from on my shelves, but it’s more rewarding to see the pile slimming down!

    ‘Bad Gnoe’ has bought another pile of books on a sale she went to last Thursday. *vows to go to no more sales* Even though they were books I already had on my wishlist, I should STOP HOARDING for a while! 🙂

    Could you send over some of your self-discipline? 😉
    .-= Gnoe (@ Graasland)´s last blog ..CSA Summer Loot (week 25) =-.


  3. Thanks for everybody’s comments.

    Molly, actually, yes, we are in the process of organizing our books, that’s why I couldn’t post a picture of our shelves. But I will, once we are back to normal again.

    Maree, I know what you’re saying. We have bought books that we owned already, either because we didn’t know we had them or because we didn’t find them. I think we have at least three different issues of Dracula because of that (in that case due to the finding problem).

    Gnoe, buying books on sale is not bad at all. You are saving in the long run.

    Kerrie, I started using Shelfari to make notes about when I lent a book to whom. At least that way I know who to turn to when I want it. I just wish Shelfari would have a way to list all books I lent to someone.


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