Comparing covers: Darkyn

Erotic Horizon sent me the links to the new book covers of Lynn Viehl’s German Darkyn books. So I’m taking a quick look here.

darkyn1dt darkyn1engl

darkyn2dt darkyn2engl

darkyn3dt darkyn3engl

I love both styles, but I prefer the colour schemes of the English ones. The titles are another thing. I haven’t read the books, so I can’t say how much the German titles reflect the content, but they have changed them significantly once again.

  • If Angels burn – Versuchung des Zwielichts (Temptation of twilight)
  • Private Demon – Im Bann der Träume (Under the spell of [the] dreams)
  • Dark Need – Dunkle Erinnerung (Dark memory)

On the other hand, the literal translation from the English sounds so clumsy that nobody would buy the books, I’m sure. Isn’t language fascinating?

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