The end of the e-book reader?

On there is an interesting article about the possible / probable approaching end of the dedicated e-book reader. Main reason is the recent price drop, of which I knew nothing, since over here there was none, and the release of the iPad and general multifunctional devices like smartphones.

Would you like to read a book on your iPhone or Android? Or on your laptop? I wouldn’t. According to the article’s author the “Millenials” would go for iPad, phones etc, whereas the “Boomers” as the majority of hardcore reader types would stick with the reader for now.

I don’t agree, why would a “Millenial” – if he is a reader – put up with a tiny display and / or more inconvenient “ink technology if he can have something better?

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  1. Hello. I’ve visiting because Leeswammes gave you the Bodacious Blogger Award. I have the nook e-reader and I don’t believe that dedicated e-readers are going away nor do I believe that paper books are going away. I have read several novels on my iPhone and it wasn’t the best experience, esp when my friends/work would enviably interrupt me via TEXT Message. Plus, iPhone/iPad are back lit which is what causes eye strain and since I hate wearing my glasses now, I don’t want to cause my eyes any further distress.

    Well, there’s my two cents. Congrats on being a Bodacious Blogger! I’ll stop by again.
    .-= Anna Marie´s last blog ..The Masterpiece =-.


  2. Hi Anna Marie, thanks for stopping by.
    I agree, I wouldn’t want to read on any of those devices either. I can’t imagne why anybody would prefer a phone to a reader. It’s bigger, has no reflection, it’s just better for reading in every aspect.


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