Audio books?

I have never been interested in audio books. The only experience I have is Klaus Kinski reading Francois Villon in “Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund”. That was ok, but it didn’t turn me into a big audio book fan.

The other day, however, I read this post on Beth Fish’s blog giving tips about how to start with audio books. What sold me the audio book idea now was the fact that I can listen and DO SOMETHING ELSE in the meantime. Sounds good for someone working, with two kids and a lot of hobbies.

Beth suggests to get something you already know and like for an easy start so eventually I got “Emma”. I know it very well, I like it, so I think that will work.

I got an unabridged English version from a German publishing house Bertz + Fischer, which is in mp3 format on one CD, read by Michael Page. I listened to a bit in the car and from that I think I could get used to it. Bertz + Fischer offer a lot of classics, including an interesting series of Shakespeare plays turned into prose by Charles and Mary Lamb in 1807. I’m not too fussed on Shakespeare, but maybe the prose versions will be more for me.

Has anybody any suggestions as to what I could listen to next. If possible with male readers, please. Let me know…

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  1. It depends on what you like – I am a big audio book listener…

    As I spend most of my day either cooking, crafting or some other moving around event – audio books are really is a life saver..

    I find I quite like the dark books – fantasies, suspense books etc, and recently I am loving western contemporary like Linda Lael Miller in audio..

    There is something for every one – but I like Beth’s advise – try a few more of what you know – as narrators do factor in your ultimate enjoyment of these books..

    I have has a few where I have just tossed them and read the books instead because I was so turned off by the voice… I thought the narrator of the Twilight series was excellent…

    Audible site has a good collection and I know some libraries are offering audio books now..

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  2. Oh, yes, I totllay forgot about the library. I might go and just try out some stuff from there instead of spending money or swap tickets on things.
    I agree, I think the narrator’s or reader’s voice can make or break the experience. But I am still a newbie and have nothing to go by yet.


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