Thursday 13: Random facts about my town

  • It is almost 1.000 years old.
  • Around 1515 Albrecht Dürer published the "Stabiussche Weltkarte", the first perspective drawing of the terrestrial globe.
  • Together with Prague and Cologne it was one of the biggest cities of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The main part of Nicolaus Copernicus’ work was published in Nuremberg in 1543.
  • In 1632 Wallenstein had a military camp put up in the west of the town for more than 50.000 soldiers. However, it was never conquered.
  • On Sept. 15, 1935 at the 7th rally the Nuermberg Laws were introduced.
  • Today it has a “street of human rights”, an art installation created by Israeli artist Dani Karavan in 1993. It consists of pillars and an old oak, each of which has engraved an article of the universal declaration of human rights in thirty different languages.
  • Since 1995 it is the venue for the annual International conference for human rights.
  • Our library is the oldest German library with municipal funding.
  • 18% of its inhabitants are citizens of foreign countries.
  • It has fourteen international partner cities.
  • In an international study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting about the quality of life in 215 cities worldwide it is on rank 23.
  • In a recent referendum in Bavaria 63.4% of its citizens voted for the strictest anti smoking law in Germany.

strassedmensch languages

Street of human rights and its languages

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  1. Oh, I’m going to do a quick post too. How cool! So for the 18% of inhabitants that are foreign citizens, is that something that is becoming more typical in Europe? I think @leeswammes quoted a similar figure to me about Scandinavia. Where are these people from?

    Also, the Street of Human Rights – I noticed the picture you posted has Hopi as one of the languages! That is crazy! We learned about the Hopi some in school growing up because they lived near my state. I also think it is very cool that your city has been embraced as the place for the International Conference for Human Rights!

    Has Nuremberg always been an industrial/engineering/science-type center? It seems like some of those facts indicate that it was always a place for great things (like your Copernicus fact and the perspective drawing).

    I am going to go look up your partner cities now!

    I love this. I’m so glad you posted it.


  2. Colleen, yes, I live in Nuremberg, which is in Bavaria.

    Carin, I thought this was a nice TT post in the light of our event.

    I don’t know about other countries in Europe. In Nuremberg we have large communities of Turks, Greeks and Italians. The next groups size wise would be former Yugoslavia and former Eastern block I think.

    It’s funny because I always kept guessing what languages were on the pillars and only today when I took the pictures I noticed that sign telling me, :-). Shows how blind I am sometimes.

    Nuremberg has been a center for astronomy, printing and art from very early on. A lot of well known medieval artists are from Nuremberg, Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoss and Adam Krafft for example.

    The best thing about our partner cities is that every year during the Christmas market there is a smaller one next to the big one where all the partner cities have a stall with things typical for their area. That is even better than the “real” Christmas market”. Small, cosy and full of interesting things.


  3. So do you often hear those languages spoken out in public? Are there a lot of restaurants and markets from those areas?

    The Christmas market sounds awesome. I’m going to go Google it and see if I can find some info on it!


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  5. You live in Nuremberg? And Nuremberg has been around for 1000 years? That’s really cool. Lots of history. My town (Milwaukee) was founded in 1846 so it’s not even 200 years old. Wish I could visit you. In the meantime, happy TT!
    Brenda’s last post ..Fun Facts for the Fourth


  6. You live in Nuremberg. To be honest I never felt any inclination to visit it, but you make it sound like a great city. And I’d love to see the “street of human rights”.
    Iris’s last post ..BBAW Registration Post


  7. Brenda, Nuremberg has been mentioned first in an official document in 1050. But there are many legends that it has been around much earlier.

    Iris, glad I could make you curious. It is a really beautiful city with lots to see and a very nice atmosphere.

    Carin, oh, yes, we hear foreign languages all the time. There are lots of restaurants and pubs of every culture and for every nation. Every community has its certain places they go to and hang out together, but of course there are also places where we all mingle.


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