Book read ‘round the world update


It’s very hot and heat makes me sluggish and lazy. So I’m not as far as I wish I was with “The Enchanted April”.  I’m on page 100 from 263 and it’s been exactly a week since I got it.

But when I wake and my thermometer says 25 degrees at 7am I tend to be less energetic than usual. Anyway I wanted to share how I spent my early morning on the “cool” balcony.


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  1. Iris, no I don’t want to imagine, :-).

    Judith, instead I nap, lol.

    The book is great though. I totally enjoy reading it.


  2. I guess you will just have to wake up very early to read before it gets hot! hehehehe

    I feel so bad for you…37 degrees and no air conditioning in your house (or was that Leeswammes..that may have been her). We so far have had a mild summer–only 34 today for us. Last summer was awful. We had 60 days of 38-40 degree weather (and I have A/C in my house) so I definitely feel for you. I take cool showers to keep my hair wet (and i put it up in a ponytail) and drink lots of ice water in the summers. You could always put ice in a bag and put it on your feet or head–it sounds stupid, but I do it in the summer here sometimes!

    Don’t worry about the book. I said 1-2 weeks so you have until Saturday, July 17 (and really until the 19th since I’m assuming mail doesn’t run on Sundays). I am mailing my book out on Monday or Tuesday so it will be good to have the books sent some days apart anyway for posting purposes. 🙂


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  4. CArin, it WAS lesswammes who said they haven’t got A/C, but we haven’t either. It’s not so very common over here, our temeperatures are usually much lower. I’ll keep your advice in mind…


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