Weekly Geeks 2010-24: Book trailers

In the last year or two a new entity has arisen in the publishing world “The book trailer”. Apparently every self-respecting book has to have one these days it seems a good time to have a chat about them. Feel free to answer as many (or as few) of the questions as you like

Do you watch book trailer?

If yes, Do you actively seek them out or just watch the ones that get pushed to you in the same way.

If you don’t watch them, why not?

Have you ever read a book based solely on seeing the trailer?

Where do book trailers come on your list of things that influence you with regards to what books to read (friends recommendations, mainstream reviews, bloggers, bookstore promotions, the blurb….)

Do you have a favourite book trailer that you’ll like to share?

What do you like about it?

If you missed out on seeing many book trailers you might want to visit the Moby Awards Website which list the nominees and winners of what is set to become an annual award for the best(and worst) book trailers.

I have never watched a book trailer before, so I thought before voicing an opinion I need to go and have a look at a few.

I went to that Moby Awards Website and watched and was not impressed.

So, my answers would be:

No, I don’t think I’ll watch book trailers in the future.

I don’t watch them because I don’t need to watch a friggin’ FILM in order to know whether I want to buy a BOOK.

No, I have never read a book based on a trailer. Book trailers are at the very bottom of my list of things influencing me in regards to what books to read.

No, no and no to everything.

I don’t see the point of book trailers at all.

Read what the other geeks have to say about this!

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  1. I don’t really see the point of book trailers either. I think I have watched half of one, got bored, and turned it off (how’s that for ADD)? In some ways, I think it ruins the book because I’m a visual reader. I often imagine everything I’m reading in my head. If I watch a book trailer, it might ruin how I envision in it my head.

    However, I think some people like them and that’s ok with me. Since they seem to be becoming more popular, marketing people must think there is something to them. If it gets people reading, I’m all for that.


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