Comparing covers: Letters back to Ancient China

I had a look at our shelves and dug out an obscure book that probably not many people outside Germany know, even though it has been translated into English. The book is called Letters Back to Ancient China by Herbert Rosendorfer.

The plot in short is: A mandarin from ancient China has managed to invent a time machine and travels to modern day Germany (even though by today’s standards the world in the book is already outdated again). The book describes his adventures in Munich that he tells his friend back in ancient China in the form of letters that he deposits at a spot in a park that transports them back in time.

I absolutely love this book. Even though it is very funny the observations of the mandarin about our life makes you question some of our ways and reconsider what on Earth we are doing here.

These are three different German covers and one English one.

briefe1 briefe2 briefe3 briefeengl

The first German one and the English one are nice. I like them. The second German one, I don’t know. What is the guy doing there? Dancing on a letter? The third German one is way too Bavarian for my taste. OK, the skyline of Munich is alright, I suppose, but I don’t like the lantern with the Bavarian crest at all. Clash of cultures? Too unsubtle! What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for the intro to a new book – and I can see how this would be a winner of a book..

    it’s always nice to read certain observations through another persons eyes – the fact that there was culture and time clash does make it sound like a winner..

    I think I like the first cover alot – it’s simply yet says alot.. I see what you mean about the third cover – too focus on the silhouette of Munich…

    Do you realise that all the covers are quite understanted somehow… I wonder if the covers are revised for todays market what sort of spin would they put on it..
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  2. I actually think the second and third German covers are probably the best visual description of the book based on what you said it was about. They are not as pretty as the other two for sure, but the Chinese man did go to Germany so I think I like the second and third covers best. He even looks like he’s in a park with his letter in the second one. 🙂


  3. Carin, of course you are right when you say they depict the story best. I just don’t like that particlar style they are done in. The ones I like better simply indicate some Chinese connection, so definitely aren’t doing the job properly.


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