Between Us Two by AKM Miles


In this follow up to Between Us, Matt is back from Gatlinburg and Jason is thrilled that they can be together now. He’s ready to see if they can become a couple for the long haul. It seems that Matt feels the same way, so things should be fine. Well, until the police think that Matt has kidnapped a child from the school where he works.
It hits the fan and there are many things to be sorted out before they can get down to building a life. Matt falls for Jason’s two dogs, Jock and Audrey, and the photo shoot takes place, as promised. It’s autumn and the area around Nashville is beautiful. Matt and Jason’s love is a beautiful thing, too. Their love is strong, but can they work everything out?

My thoughts: 

I liked "Between Us", so when its sequel "Between us two" came out there was no question about reading it right away.

Jason and Matt were a nice couple, in the first story and they were just as nice here. However, two of my least favourite components were way too prominent in this story for me to really love it. When it comes to children and pets my eyes glaze over and I lose interest pretty quickly.

In the blurb it is mentioned that Matt is in trouble as suspect for a child kidnapping. The kidnapping issue was resolved rather quickly and to everybody’s satisfaction. As far as I was concerned the child related plot could have ended here. Well, it didn’t. Jason had two dogs (I knew that from the previous story) and those two played quite a big part in the story. Really cute, no doubt, but I just am not interested in that sort of thing.
The guys were nice, loveable, hot and all, so if you don’t mind pets and kids, this will be for you. It’s a good entertaining story. Just a little too sweet for my taste. 


Title Between us two
Author AKM Miles
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-61040-008-4
Buy link Buy Between us two

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