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At Leeswamme’s blog I put up a picture of our local (or rather one of our local) bookstores for the Book bloggers abroad event. Today I want to share some more pictures that didn’t appear in that blog post. Just because I love that shop.


Thalia storefront

The bookstore belongs to a chain called Thalia that runs over 230 bookstores in Germany and also has an online shop. It has 4 stories, a huge section of English books, tons of audio books and also sells all those nifty accessories around books, like pillows to place your book in your lap on, cook book holders, book stands, bookmarks, book covers with book quotes on them etc. When they have a theme week, like a specific country or topic, they put up lovely decorations revolving around that theme.


Main floor with some oriental decoration


Kids books and YA


Audio books for kids and playground in the back

In the esoteric book section they sell incense sticks, there is a little fountain in the middle of the area, you can sit on nice chairs looking outside, it’s all very cosy and makes it hard to leave the shop without buying anything.


Esoteric section

In the audio book department there are comfy leather sofas and a lot of devices to listen to the books. If you feel like having something to drink you can go to the coffee shop on the third floor and get yourself a drink to either take away or enjoy right there.


Audio book section



As you probably can imagine, going there is never boring.

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  1. I’m with Judith. That bookstore is amazing! I think I will have to visit Nuremberg in the future just so I can go to this shop. Are the other ones they run in other cities as impressive?

    I love it. I wish we had stuff like that here!


  2. Carin, I have no idea. Thalia only took over the company that ran it before a couple of years ago. They moved and expanded it considerably.

    Maybe Stu can tell us that since he’s been to the one in Kassel. Will ask on twitter…


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  4. That is one seriously gorgeous book store! Makes our holes in the wall look like, well, holes in the wall. None of them have anywhere to sit. Goddess forbid you should actually want to read a bit of the book you’re thinking of buying. Lucky you!


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