Weekly Geeks 2010 – 24: Shiny Book Syndrome

In case you don’t know me, I like to make up medical sounding names for my book obsessions. For example: P.A.B.D.. I’d now like to introduce Shiny Book Syndrome. This is usually accompanied by a book hording problem yet to be named.
So what is Shiny Book Syndrome? It is when a person only wants to read their newest book and leave piles of poor unread books on their shelves to collect dust.
What can you do to alleviate the symptoms?
My first suggestion would be to make a list of all the books you own. I use GoogleDocs. I start by creating a form and then can organize the spreadsheet to see what I have and if I’ve read it yet or not. (For more info on how to do this,
go here).
After you know what you have, I’d suggest jumping in on some reading challenges to motivate you to read the books you already own. Read more…

It’s strange, but it seems I’m an untypical reader – or at least not as avid as the rest of us. I don’t particularly suffer from P.A.B.D., don’t hoard excessively and my wishlist is manageable. And now I realize that the Shiny Book Syndrome isn’t my thing either. Yes, I often do read the new book first and leave the older books on the shelf, but this is simply because I got the new book since it suited my current mood. If I all of a sudden feel like reading that specific book that has been waiting to be read for months, then I’ll read it. I had “Gods behaving badly” next to my bed for a long time and the other day I felt drawn to it and started to read.

To me it’s not about new or old, but totally about my mood and whether a certain book fits in or not.


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  1. Not one to get caught in the book trap of any sort are you…

    I do have PABD and I am so a hoarder – but the wishlist, if I am honest I am not consistent with it..

    I add, but never follow up on any off them…

    I have a Anne Bishop trilogy at my beside for the longest while now and I only read little bits here and there… and it is a good book, but I need to be in a certain mood for fantasy..

    Happy reading week hon

    Erotic Horizon’s last post ..Weekly Geeks – Do you have Shiny Book Syndrome


  2. Thanks for all your comments. David, I know, it’s odd. Sometimes a book has to wait for months and months and all of a sudden I start reading it and I finish it in a couple of days. Weird!


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