Going camping

This weekend will be a real adventure. I’ll be going camping for the first time, it’ll be an all girls’ weekend and the weather forecast sucks. Still we are determined to enjoy ourselves. So, now the big question is, what books to take. I will have plenty of time to read after all.

My plan so far:

We’ll see how far I’ll get with those or whether we will be forced to continuously dry up our tent.

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  1. Judith, no we won’t be doing things. It’s a relax weekend with two friends. All we plan on doing is lie around in the sun (hopefully), barbecue, swim in the lake, read, chat and drink wine. That’s the plan….:-)


  2. Hope you have a fun weekend camping. It sounds as though you have a relaxing time planned. I love The Shipping News. Proulx is so good with dialogue!


  3. Judith, you might be right here, but even we can’t chatter for the whole day – I think, lol.

    Anna Marie, I totally love Gods behaving badly. I am laughing so much about some of the scenes. It’s hilarious. Though I must say I’m not too enthusiastic about the romantic couple. But the Gods, OMG, they are great!

    Violet, yes, I am so looking forward to reading The Shipping News now. It has been sitting in my pile for a long time, but now I’m ready for it. I saw the film last year and totally loved it, but that might have something to do with that I really like Kevin Spacey.


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