Thursday 13: Book items I want

Ex libris

Image by firexbrat on flickr

Today I’ll show you some lovely book items I found on Etsy and other similar shops…


That’s it for today, but I could have continued this list for quite some time….

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  1. What does Vondir mean? It looks like the German equivalent of Also, how do I say in German, “What does ______ mean in English?”

    So, I have seen that video of the origami bookmarks and I’ve made a few myself! I really like them. I need to get some smaller origami paper to use with my paperbacks, but I like the ones I’ve made! Have you made any yourself?


  2. Shanna, “Reading is sexy” is a good slogan.

    Brenda, why don’t you ask them whether they would be willing to sell one to you. I’m sure libraries can use all the promotion they can get.

    Carin, “von dir” means “from you”, yes, there are two stores like etsy, the one is “vondir” the other is “dawanda”. “What does ____ mean in English?” would be “Was heisst ____ auf Englisch?”

    Yes, I made some of those book marks, they are awesome. You know what, the best paper for those is 6×6 inch scrapbooking paper. It is sturdy and comes in tons of awesome patterns. With two different patterns on back and front those bookmarks look really great.


  3. Ooo…now I can ask you stuff. I really should try to remember the German I learned and practice with you. I feel like it’s been so long that I will be terrible at it!

    I want to get some nice double-sided origami paper for the bookmarks. I have some good stuff and some cheap stuff. I’m using the cheap stuff until I get better at origami.


  4. Yes, that reader/leader quote is awesome. I’m planning on doing something with it for the kids’ room myself.

    Carin, if you feel like writing in German, go ahead. We will improve your German in a flash.


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