48 hour TBR Read-a-Thon


Wallace from Unputdownables is hosting a 48 hour Read-a-Thon this weekend and I decided to join to get some stuff done.

Here are the rules:

If You’re In:

  1. Choose a few books that you will attempt to finish this weekend (Friday evening through Sunday night).
  2. Post your TBR Read-a-Thon books on your blog so your readers can see what you are attempting for the weekend.
  3. Challenge your readers to read along with you! (It’s OK if they don’t, but might be fun if they want to choose at least one book to participate with).
  4. Join the discussion all weekend long at #bookblogchat on Twitter.
  5. Post updates on your blog about what you are reading and what you have finished (full reviews can come later, but this will let your readers know what you are reading so they can either read along or look forward to your reviews!)
  6. Visit other blogs that are doing the read-a-long. Post comments and follow your fellow bloggers.
  7. Make sure you sign up here with Mr. Linky with a link to your first post so we can follow your progress!
  8. *If you don’t have a blog but want to participate: Sign up with Mr. Linky, just don’t add a website (or you can link to your Twitter or GoodReads page).*


If You’re Not In, but Want to Support:

  1. Check out the blogs that are participating below in the Mr. Linky list.
  2. Visit those blogs and leave comments and encouragement
  3. Add to your own TBRs as you see what others are reading!

I already know that my reading time will be limited on the weekend, so my list of books is very small. I have two books I would like to finish this weekend. If I am able to do that I will be more than happy. Maybe I’ll even find the time to write a review of them, that would be just the icing on the cake.

Books that need finishing:

gods sergeant's lady

  • Gods behaving badly by Marie Phillips
  • The Sergeant’s Lady by Susanna Fraser

That’s it. Should be do-able.

Meanwhile Wallace has posted an update with a few tips what to do to get ready for tomorrow evening.

On Friday from 3-4 PST there will be a convo on twitter about keeping your blog authentic. More info about this at unputdownables. Too bad I won’t be able to join. That would be midnight for me and I don’t think I’ll be up for it.

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  1. You’re list is perfect (probably the most reasonable of us all)! Looking forward to reading your reviews.

    Oh yeah, the convo will be late for you… sorry about that. You can read it on Saturday and add your two cents… we’ll be chatting all weekend on that hashtag. 🙂

    So glad you’re in!


  2. I think I’ve looked up Gods Behaving Badly and thought it looked really interesting. I can’t wait to read your review on it.

    As for Wallace and her hashtag…I’m a Twitter addict so I think I might have to shut Twitter down while I read so I can get more done. hehehehe I do love #bookblogchat though and have it as a column in my Tweet Deck!


  3. Wallace, yes, my list is definitely manageable. Unlike Carin’s I might add, 🙂
    No problem about the convo. I’ll come in on Saturday morning when you are all asleep. By the time you open twitter I’ll have caught up.

    Carin, I only have about 60 pages left. So I should have finished it during the weekend easily. It’s a fun book, especially if you know a bit about mythology (but it is not necessary to enjoy it).
    I also have a column with the hashtag. I love TweetDeck. I wish I could customize the background though.


  4. Carin — I know I need a lock for my computer so I can get some reading done! This weekend will be a lot of reading and Twitter (back and forth) with dashes of picking out outfits for my friend’s wedding next weekend!

    Rikki — I wish I could even get tweet deck. Carin told me about it, but my computer won’t do it for some reason. Weird. I have a Mac, maybe that’s why?

    Leeswammes — we need cheerleaders for sure! 🙂


  5. Thanks for the encouragement everybody. I sure need it, am already behind a bit.

    Wallace, isn’t there a Tweetdeck for Mac? What a pity. Have you tried Hootsuite? A friend of mine uses it and she is very happy with it. But I’m not sure about a Mac version there either.


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