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Carin showed us her bookmarks the other day that she got from Zazzle. They were nice but tiny, so I had a look around for something a little bigger. First I was inclined to order the usual bookmark shape, but then I went for business card size, they were cheaper, the shop Overnightprints seemed to be more flexible and with a coupon I found on the net I only paid a few Euros for quite a lot of them. I love the way they turned out. Of course, now I can’t change the look of my blog until they are all used up, but, oh, well.

Anyway, my future giveaway winners will get one of these in their books. I’m thrilled. As you can see I’m easily pleased, :-).

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  1. Those look awesome! Are they regular business card sized? Tomorrow I am going to post my foul up bookmark next to the ones I got from As for changing your blog, I think you have a nice format and the bookmark is awesome so to me it’s just a good way to brand your blog and make it more recognizable.

    Congratulations on your bookmarks!


  2. They are slightly bigger than the usual size, I think. Big enough to use as a bookmark. I didn’t know you got other ones now from iPrint, can’t wait to see them.

    Yeah, I wanted to do the bookmark like the header, so they go together. So far I still like it, but I am the kind who all of a sudden feels the urge to change things. That has to wait now….


  3. I actually really like your header. I know what you mean though. It feels so final once you get the cards in the mail. Honestly though….my poor husband has worked so hard on my blog getting drop down menus to work that I don’t think I’ll change it anytime soon (even if people hate the light text on the dark background–I considered changing it because so many people complain about blogs that do that, but I like it and I would feel bad after the amount of work he put into getting it to work properly).


  4. Judith, thanks. You will get one of them in the mail in a few days. Are you going to change your header? Can’t wait to see what you will do with it.

    Carin, can’t you change the colours etc and still keep the header? You can keep the layout and everything just adjust the look a little. That is if you want to. I admit I prefer dark writing on light background and don’t care for white on black too much, but, of course, if I find a blog interesting I’ll visit it no matter what.


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