Read-a-thon update 1

Last night I finished “Gods behaving badly”, thank God. I’m working on the review now. It’s hard, though, because I started reading the book weeks ago and didn’t take a lot of notes. There are so many small, nice ideas in the story that I have forgotten half of them already again.

Going out this afternoon, so “The Sergeant’s Lady” has to wait for a bit. I also need to write up (or rather create) my Weekend Cooking post, which is going to be another Haiku image today.

Already reached about 40% of my goal. I had only 60 odd pages left on Gods behaving badly, there is more to read with the second book.

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  1. Well done! 60% is amazing! You were smart and went small. I was dumb and loaded myself, but really, I’m not putting pressure on myself. If I finish the Middlemarch stuff and Magic Bites, I will be happy.

    Good luck with the rest of the read-a-thon!


  2. Yes, no pressure Read-a-Thon here. 🙂 Glad you are reaching your goals, though, Rikki. Love the bookmarks, by the way!


  3. Judith, I don’t think I could read my book instead of the paper in the morning. Rituals!

    Carin, even my modest goal is starting to fail already. I should have stuck with ONE book, it seems.

    Wallace, thanks. yeah, I think the bookmarks turned out pretty nicely. A no pressure Read-a-thon is just what I need. When it comes to reading I am no over achiever, I must be the slowest reader on the planet (or the one with the least reading time, not sure).


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