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For the next reader of The Enchanted April, Sandie Lee, I had bought a small book tote bag that some people seemed to really like. So I went back to the store on Thursday and got a few more pictures. If anybody wants a bag, let me know. I’m sure we can arrange something.


Top: “mordsbuch” is a pun. It means murder book or something like great book

Bottom: explains itself. Told you, English is everywhere.


Top: “Geflügelte Worte” Words that have wings, Quotations

Bottom: “Schmöker” Ripping yarn


Top: “Lieblingsbuch” Favourite book

Bottom: “Taschenbuch” is another pun. Either paperback or “bag book”, since this is a “book bag”


Top: “Lieber lesen” is the one I got for Sandie Lee. [I’d] rather [be] reading

Bottom: “Krimistoff” roughly “crime story”

Aren’t those bags the cutest? Perfect for transporting the book you are currently reading.

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  1. I will take one of each (Except for Love Story because I don’t read romance and English is boring…hehe)!

    Schmöker = Is that a bag for people who do knitting or crotcheting then?

    Is “lieben” = to love? I vaguely remember “Ich liebe dich” meaning “I love you” but I could be very wrong.

    Hmmm…which is my favorite?

    I like the “Lieblingsbuch” except for the color, but that’s probably my favorite phrase of the bunch. If I were to go shopping (haha…given that I would be on vacation and tote bags would be compact, I would probably buy a few–I have a terrible habit of not buying things while I’m on vacation because I like to travel light) I would probably buy the “krimistoff” bag because I like thrillers (and I like the chalk outlined person..hehe…funny!). I would probably also purchase the “mordsbuch” and the “taschenbuch”.

    Oh who am I kidding. I am like Silas Marner. I would probably walk around that display for a half hour and then say, “I don’t really NEED these, I just want them,” and then I’d leave and come home and kick myself for not purchasing a cool German tote while I was on vacation! LOL!

    Thanks for posting these pictures! I love them all. You have officially made me want to visit Germany with your guest post and your tote bag post. I just need to save money and brush up on my almost non-existent German! It’s on my bucket list! I’ll make it there someday!

    Now if we could only get Judith and Zommie to the bookstore to take pictures of some Dutch and Swedish tote bags… 😉


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  3. Actually I looked at the dictionary for a word for Schmöker and t gave me Ripping Yarn, an expression I have read before, but I suspect it might be British. A Schmöker is a book with lots of pages, long story, not necessarily the greatest fiction of all times. If you know Diana Gabaldon, her “Outlander” would be a Schmöker.

    lieben = to love. Yes. You are right.

    I am the opposite of a light traveller. I always buy way too much stuff, because I KNOW that afterwards I’d regret not having bought it. The last times I was in the US I came with two suitcases, one almost empty, just to have room for things to buy.

    We must tell Zommie and Judith that they have to hunt for Dutch and Swedish stuff!


  4. Oh Iris can look too! I wonder if she’d find anything different from Judith. (My obsession continues).

    I should probably be like you when I travel. The only time I’ve been to Europe I hardly bought anything and I still feel like kicking myself for not buying two things I really wanted. I found this really cool handmade Christmas ornament in Finland (and yes, it was small so smack me now) that I passed on buying. I also passed on buying this super cool handmade stuffed troll in Stockholm that I still remember and wish I had bought. So you are probably right to bring an extra empty bag.

    I like the Schmöker bag more now! I do crochet, but that looks like a tiny bag for crocheting. hehe! I tend to read a lot of those too. Not sure I like the color, but I do like the phrase!


  5. oh my gosh — I am in love as well! I still think my favorite is the one you bought for Sandie Lee, but they are all great!

    I always pack a duffel that folds into itself so if I want to pick stuff up I can and if I don't, the duffel takes up no more room than an extra t-shirt. I also pack with those crazy bags you can roll the air out of so that I have extra room (even though my bag can get kind of heavy, but that's what rolling bags are for, right?!).
    My recent post Crazy Book Swap


  6. Wallace, fold up duffel bag is a good idea, too. I'm also very inventive when it comes to taking luggage that I don't need right away but might need later.

    Carin, Schmöker or Krimistoff it is then….


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