Thursday 13: 13 local sights worth seeing

Today’s Thursday 13 shows you 13 sights in town that are worth seeing…


  1. The Imperial castle
  2. Albrecht Dürer’s birthplace
  3. The Nazi party rally grounds
  4. Schwurgerichtssaal 600, where the Nuremberg trials took place
  5. Executioner’s bridge
  6. Beautiful fountain
  7. St. Elisabeth
  8. St. Johannis cemetery, a medieval cemetery, containing many old graves (Albrecht Dürer, Willibald Pirckheimer, and others).
  9. Way of Human Rights
  10. Craftmen’s courtyard
  11. Marriage Roundabout
  12. Nassau House
  13. Medieval Dungeons


Click on the image below to view a photo album of all the sights (all images from wiki commons).


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  1. Great resource list – I was born in Kitzingen and hope to visit that area one day. I’ll certainly file your list away for future reference. Thank you!


  2. That is a very cool list. I think I like the Beautiful Fountain and the Craftsmen's Courtyard the best. I would definitely go to Craftsmen's Courtyard–fresh baked gingerbread?!!! Mmmmmm!

    You live in a really great city! So much history. Thanks for posting this!


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  4. I love the castle picture at the top. It's gorgeous. Looks like some worthwhile, albeit sad, places to visit.


  5. Thanks for your comments.
    Yes, we have a lot of interesting places to see, not all of them pleasant, but worth seeing nonetheless.

    Carin, we are the gingerbread capital, did you know that? We have lots of gingerbread factories where you can buy the stuff all year round. Come September you can smell the scent all over the place.


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