Book locations: Yet another bookstore

This is another one of our book stores, Hugendubel. Like Thalia, it is a chain, but much smaller. Hugendubel runs twenty odd shops and an online store as well. However, it is only one part of a bigger corporation.


Store front


Fiction and non fiction


Kids’ department


Top floor with esoteric department

The one thing that will always stick with me is the fact that Hugendubel was the first shop I ever saw that offered seats and sofas where people could read books in the shop without having to buy them first. That must have been at the end of the eighties in their shop in Munich (I suppose it was their first shop, too). When I went in there and saw those little reading spots I was stumped. A bookshop where you could actually sit down and read? Unheard of at the time! Nowadays this is common, at least in the big shops, but at the time, Hugendubel was cutting-edge.

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  1. Oooo…nice pictures. Do they have a big English language section? Are there stores throughout the country, or is it just in Bavaria? I like the kids' section a lot. I've lived in a decent sized city for 11 years now, but I'm still wowed by 2-story bookstores. We didn't have any big bookstores in Santa Fe while I was growing up.


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  3. Lovely bookstore. Seems set out a bit like Waterstone's, at least the Nottingham branch. 🙂


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