When to post reviews?

This post at the Story Siren made me wonder about when to post reviews. I often read before that readers don’t appreciate a review weeks before the publication date because they can’t get the book right away. The Penguin employee now says

…I often have people asking me why bloggers don’t post more reviews pre-pub. I personally would like to see more reviews pre-pub, especially for big titles we’re trying to build buzz for.

So, what is the best time to post a review of a book that is not out there? As a blogger how do you handle it? As a reader what would you prefer?

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  1. I haven't come across this yet, but isn't it easiest to discuss it with the publisher or author, the person who you got the book from?

    As a reader, I don't mind, as long as the book would be available within a few weeks (not months!). Sometimes I need to see several reviews of books before I really warm to the book (but that depends on the book, of course!).
    My recent post Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld


    • Judith, obviously you could discuss it with them. I just wanted to hear what readers or bloggers think about it. The opinions seem to be divided on it. Some readers only want to read the review if they can get the book right away whereas others (according to the post I referred to) want them earlier on. One author I know asked to post the review close to pub date and others want to create a hype beforehand.


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