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One of my blogging friends, Carin from A little Bookish, is often asking me about German and suggested the other day to introduce short German lessons to the blog, possibly combined with the comparing covers posts. I meant to do that but always forget.

Now, to do it properly, I decided to make it an (ir-)regular feature here at The Bookkeeper. To keep it book related I plan on focusing on book topics in some way or other. Actually I have no idea yet how to do it. My husband pointed out that a tourist who only speaks a few sentences of German has no interest in going into a German bookshop. Even though s/he will be able to BUY a book, s/he won’t be able to READ it. He does have a point here, I must admit. But now that I got the idea into me head I want to go through with it even though my target group might be tiny to non-existent. We’ll see.

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  1. Well, that is not true! We actually went into a bookshop in Norway looking for an English language section. That's where I found one of Yann Martel's books (although I think we purchased something else). I just think it's polite to try to speak some of the language when we travel even if it's not very much. Admittedly, we didn't try very hard in Scandinavia because our guide book said that most everyone spoke English and we were visiting five countries in three weeks (all of which spoke different languages).

    Anyway, I think it's a good idea to teach some German to your English speaking followers because if anything, it just makes people more aware and may end up giving them a passion for learning your language! Maybe I'll be your only follower for this, but I love the idea and hope it catches on!


  2. Carin, thanks, I knew I could count on you.
    John says that if you go for the English books all the infos about genres etc. will be in English, too, but I am not so sure about that, I never really noticed.
    Anyway, I plan on also giving some information about bookish life in Germany so it won't matter, I think.


    • Well still…I think it's nice to try to communicate with people in their language. I will admit that we got one very dirty look in Denmark and one very dirty look in Norway when we spoke to people in English without trying their language first. The guy in Norway completely changed when I thanked him in Norwegian–it made me feel so bad. Since Germany is on my list of places to go, I'd like to be able to do things like ask how much something costs or where I might find something in the store, order food, buy tickets, you know…all the touristy things. Oh and also just not be able to ask the questions, but understand their possible answers so I think it will be good to learn and have some discussion in comments.

      I think it'd be great if Judith, Zommie, Iris, Nymeth, and all the other non-native English speaking bloggers did something like that too. It could be fun to learn some simple stuff! 🙂


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