Friday Coffee Chat

A heated discussion over my deplorable reading habits (see the posts here and here) has led Carin, Wallace and me to want to open a conversation at Carin’s Friday Coffee Chat. She asked me to do a guest post and I gladly did.

Please, join us at The Friday Coffee Chat at A Little Bookish!

The picture below is the worst that you will find on my shelves. Most of the damage has been done by a very adventurous chinchilla years ago. Even though I occasionally crack spines all titles can be read perfectly (told you, Carin) and all books are readable.

Jane Eyre and Felix Krull are in a bad shape but if you read a paperback that is not the best quality anyway for decades  over and over again I don’t think this can be avoided.


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  1. I sent my gift of peace offering in the mail to you so you will forgive my harshness in the post! LOL! 😀


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