My twitter handle – where does it come from?

swordA few people have asked me where my twitter handle “Ailuah” comes from and what it means. I know it has no connection to my name or my blog so it was probably a bad choice at the time. When I chose a handle I just took a name I sometimes use for online sites and never thought much about it.

Ailuah is the name of a character from a story by B.A. Rolls in “Sword and sorceress V”, an anthology edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The story is called “Cholin of Carnel”. Cholin is out for revenge for the murder of his family and seeks the help of a powerful demon. The demon gives him a female demon out of his entourage called Ailuah as a sort of familiar spirit to help in his endeavour. In the course of events it turns out that not only Cholin can take revenge, but Ailuah as well. It’s my favourite story in this anthology and found Ailuah a great character because she was nothing like what you’d expect a demon to be.

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  1. You know…I was actually wondering where your Twitter name came from. I have a similar thing with mine. I signed up for Twitter long before I ever used it for my blog and I've been using "Bowlie" since college when my friend made me choose an "adventure name" for video games (to save my games on his Playstation). I panicked and the first thing that came to mind was "toilet bowl" so I shortened it to "bowlie". I've been using it ever since. hehehehe

    I added the B in bowlieb because my last name starts with a B.

    I'm glad I finally know about Ailuah. I figured it was something literary!


    • The only name that came to you was "toilet bowl", lol? How cute! I actually like bowlie, but was also wondering where that was coming from. Now I know.


  2. Oh fantastic. I adore strong female characters (I actually love Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because of that in particular)… my might really like these too. She loves fun books with really strong women in them. I'll recommend it to her.
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