To prevent further dog earers

In the course of recent events (for more info on that see last weeks Friday Coffee chat) I decided to tell Corin about bookmarks and how important they are (to some). Since crafting of any kind is a good pastime for children anyway I suggested he create a bookmark for himself. So he cut out the shape, traced the animals (mice at the bottom, something else on top) , coloured them in with watercolour pencils and added a bit of glitter. After that we laminated it. So, now, if he only started reading his books instead of having them read I’d be the happiest mom ever.


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  2. Very cute…and a good thing to teach the boys about. LOL! I like the artwork.

    Also, you have a laminator?!!! I undisown you because that is VERY cool! Too bad I don’t live next door. I’d come over to laminate things even if they don’t need to be laminated. hehehe

    (Did you stop using Intense Debate?)


  3. Carin, ah, now I’m your friend again, huh? Lol. There is no word as undisown as far as I know, but that’s ok. I accept your undisowning me anyway. I absolutely love laminating, too. I wish there were more things to laminate. Did you see the little laminated basket on my crafts blog?

    I deactivated Intense Debate. It had its benefits but to be honest the number of comments I get I can moderate with WP itself. ID didn’t let me address my spam folder which got bigger and bigger and sometimes there are real comments caught in it. I do want to check that folder to see whether I have to get any of those out of there and I couldn’t do that with ID on. So, off it went.


  4. I did see the laminated basket. LOL! My first thought was, “I bet she went around laminating everything she could in her house when she got that thing!” I only say that because I KNOW I would do that! hehehehe

    I am still considering Intense Debate. I do hate having to type in my URL every time I comment though. It’s a pain.


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