Conventional Wisdom by TC Blue


When B-list syndicated TV star Lucas runs into Gaming-goth-geek Trent in the hotel bar the night before the convention starts, he isn’t expecting to become attached. And since Trent is obviously out of touch with television, Lucas figures he’s safe using his ‘con name’, Bill Speare. When Trent– Mainstream Video clerk and goth with big dreams–meets a stellar hottie who seems to be into him, he goes with it, happy to be free of his recent dry spell.

But one night turns into so much more, and when he finds out that his very temporary lover has been lying to him about something as unimportant yet vital as his name, he gets… miffed. Thanks to a new acquaintance, Cindy Lou, Trent works through his anger in a drunken evening, and when he finally goes to see Bill –Lucas– he’s figured it all out.

So has Lucas, and the two men do what comes naturally to them, but can they come to an explosive and enjoyable conclusion?

My thoughts: 

I really like TC Blue’s stories and when I saw that she has a new one out at Torquere I wanted to get it but learned that there are two prequels to it. So, instead of starting with the third I got the first book “Conventional Wisdom”.

It was a good story. I liked both characters Trent and Lucas, aka Bill. Since the whole situations is more or less a one night stand, or rather three nights stand, it deals with quite a bit of sex and only little other interaction. However, Cindy Lou, the housewife from the Bible Belt who was refreshingly open minded, added the necessary relief from too much of a good thing.

The way Trent got over his initial anger was rather pleasant. Usually the “betrayed partner” broods and sulks for a long time, but Trent was very rational and reasonable about Lucas’ lie.

“Conventional Wisdom” was rather short and just calls for a sequel. The ending was satisfying as it is with Trent and Lucas deciding to stay friends (with benefits), but there was much more underneath that just needs to come out. I’m already looking forward to reading that. 

Title Conventional Wisdom
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-60370-769-5
Buy link Buy Conventional Wisdom

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  1. I love these TC Blue books! So glad you enjoyed the first one, book 2 is just as good – and perhaps better as there’s more ‘out of bedroom’ plot. I’ve got the third on on my TBR pile and I’m really looking forward to reading it.


  2. Jenre, so do I. So far I haven’t read one that I didn’t like. I now have book 2 waiting to be read. I assumed that the interaction would shift a bit and I’m pretty glad to hear that this is so.


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