September Book Buying Ban

Bella from A Girl Reads Books is hosting a Book Buying Ban in September. When you go over and look at this post about her TBR pile (or rather TBR mountain) you will understand why this is necessary.

I decided to join, not because I desperately need to work my way down a tower that is a mile high but simply because I could do with reading a few books from my stack.

I have adapted Bella’s guidelines a little bit for myself:

(a) No purchasing of new books, regardless of reason, for myself. I can purchase books for other people, as gifts etc;
(b) No entering giveaways or going to the library "to acquire" books;
(c) No borrowing books from any other source, ie. family or friends;
(d) No accepting new review books;  I am not banning review books
(e) My goal is to get down to 2,700 books before I buy a new book. I was thinking of decreasing my pile by about 5 books if that. Actually I am considering giving some of my books in my TBR pile away since I’m not very likely to read them. Still thinking about this. That would be a reduction of sorts, too.

I’m actually already mentally putting a list of books together that I want to read. I want to get through this ban in an efficient way. I’ll post the list shortly.

As a little additional incentive Bella is also organizing a bookish swap where participants are swapping a little bookish item with each other to celebrate the end of the ban.

OK, that’s it for now. Who else is going to join us in September? I’m sure we will need all the cheering on we can get.

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  1. oooo…It’s more like the TBR Alps…not just one mountain for Bella! LOL!

    I’m joining too. I’ll put up a post today about it probably…if not then sometime this week! I’m the non-official police I think. hehehe


  2. Hmm, tempting! I bought 8 new books this week and my pile is now nearing 30. That is very little for some but I want to get it down to 5 or so. Will I join? I already did! In a way. I was in my favorite book shop today and I did not buy any books! My friend had to get the next book for the RL book group but otherwise we were very good.

    But the whole of September? I was planning a book swap in September…. Which involves swapping books I’ve read with books to go on the TBR. Hmm.

    Anyway, not September yet. I’m sending you all my positive energy that will be radiating from your TBR pile so you won’t have any interest to buy something new.
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  3. Carin, you are right. It is a whole mountain range for Bella, but with the help of the book police she will succeed, lol.

    Judith, you did well for not buying anything today. Actually a swap that does not increase the pile might be ok. After all you can bend the guidelines to your situation.

    Bella, I am sure it will be fun. This would be my first ban and I am quite excited. Finally an excuse to read some books that have been standing around forever.


  4. I too am joining in… I have 432 books to be read and I have a stack of 12 books down here that I have no room for upstairs. I’ve been thinking more shelves but that would only enable me to get more books. So I’m hoping to read and release books rather then keep them. I’m only going to keep books that I love or want to read again.

    Bella’s TBR is Mount Everest, I’m slightly jealous and slightly relieved at the same time. I figured out she has about 14-18 years worth of books there if she reads between 150-200 a year. I currently have 8.5 years worth of books as I read about 50 books a year.

    I guess the good thing about having all these books is that we’ll never be bored or get to the point where we have nothing to read or don’t have a choice. I really like the fact I can just go upstairs and I have this whole load of books to choose from. I can never make my mind up if I just have a small selection..
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    • Fiona, I know, Bella has enough to read to last a lifetime. She needs more than one book ban.
      I am also giving books away now or swap them. I tend to keep books I liked and will probably re-read but everything else goes.

      Even though my TBR pile is small, I have hundreds of books to go to if I ever run out of reading material. I just don’t put them on my TBR pile because I find them in our shelves by accident while I am rummaging around and then think “oh, that one might be interesting” :).


  5. And here I was feeling pretty good about myself, since my TBR pile was only three hundred books, tops, and wasn’t that better than Bella’s, and lots of other people’s? Then you and Carin had to go and SHAME me, with being WAY less than that 😀
    I’m in, and I’m cheering us all on!


    • Oh, I need to check out your blog. Hey, even though I only have 35 books ( Ipdated my GR loist yesterday) TBR, I still will take some time to get them all done. I’m very slow and always squeeze some review stories in between (I have cleverly allowed them during the ban), so we’ll see how I am doing. We will certainly all need some cheering on. This is going to be fun.


  6. I won’t be joining the ban. It’s not that I don’t have a fair sized TBR pile, but rather that I respect authors. Arbitrarily banning new buys in September is unfair to those whose books happen to publish then. Yes, you may buy those books later, but what about those who are desperately waiting to see how their ‘baby’ is received? One of my friends is a newly published author and I have sat and watched her holding her breath throughout the publishing process. To find that people weren’t prepared to buy her newly released book because of this scheeme would have hurt her terribly, I feel. so, I shall continue buying and will simply put my shoulder into the task of reading in order to reduce my TBR pile.


    • Katisha, you might have a point here, but believe me, no newly published author will suffer a loss during that ban as far as I am concerned. I usually don’t buy books only recently released, but even if I was, it is my decision to buy or not buy a book at any given time. Nobody is forced to join the ban.


    • Wow, I never thought that less than 20 people encouraging each other to read the books that they have already purchased (and save a little money during a global economic crisis) for a measly 30 days out of one year would be considered a “scheme” against authors. Especially when most of those people are book bloggers who collectively read (and buy) hundreds of thousands of books every year, and are a major part of authors’ sales numbers. I’m a bit offended that someone would reprimand us in such a way after all that we do for the industry.
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  7. Please disregard my previous question…

    As for the book buying ban…

    I am not sure I have the will power… it would only mean I would splurge in October….

    But I love the pig in chains – how cute..

    No Library as well – Rikki I fear for you…. what about charity shops… neighbours stash..


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    • Ah, no need to fear for me, lol. I am not that impulsive book buyer that some of us are, so this ban will be a piece of cake for me, :).

      I know you found out about the pig, but I should really like the image to this post. Will do now.


  8. LOL! I totally added another book to my list last night. I downloaded The Lunatic Express so I could read it without ruining the giveaway copy (and also to support the awesome Carl Hoffman for giving a signed copy for the giveaway). My “little” meter looks so much more giant than yours! 😛


  9. Your “little” meter? You are right putting it in quotation marks, lol. And now another book on top of it! What sort of police officer are you :)?


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