Comparing covers: The Mummy

Today it is “The Mummy” by Anne Rice. I just thought about this book the other day, no idea, why. I have read it years ago and liked it quite a bit. As far as I can remember Ramses was quite a sexy character, once he was unwrapped and had recovered from thousands of years of death, wasn’t he?


mummy mummy1 mummy2

die-mumie1 diemumie2 diemumie3


Abu Simbel The first English one, sorry, but this just reminds me of Tut-Ench-Amun. I know it is not his death mask, but it sure evokes it. Just does not fit. They should have used a face from those statues at Abu Simbel. I like the second English one best. Black background, I like the color combo and the fonts. This is the audio book, read by Michael York, hm, I might check this one out. The third one, oh, not sure. I don’t like the evil looking eye.

The Germans: No. 1, yeah, ok, some pharao. No. 2, ditto and a relief, could it be any more Egyptian? No idea whether they have anything to do with Ramses II. No. 3 is downright creepy. Maybe not a bad idea, but I really don’t want to think of the hero in that way. Unfortunately it’s the one I have got.

As for the title. No surprises here. They simply used the  exact literal translation once more.

Source photo Ramses II. Wikimedia

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  1. I like the first or second cover of the German copies best. Maybe it’s because I haven’t read the book that I feel that way. I really like the picture in relief and I like the German translation…has more oomph to it than the English I think….

    Carin der Verdammte–that just sounds cool. LOL! Oh I already know…I’m a weirdy! I still like the German words. 🙂


  2. Bella, I agree, the plain one with out image IS cool.

    Carin, you are obvisouly suffering from the “foreign always sounds better”-bug, lol. More oomph, not really. But I agree with you that swear words in German usually sound very powerful.
    Are you sure you wanted to say “Carin” instead of Ramses? IF you did, it would be “Carin die Verdammte”, 🙂

    Wallace, I agree. The book is hidden on a shelf. I’m a wimp, too. That is why I favor the plain cover.

    SenoraG, I totally loved the book at the time. It made me go and research Ramses and his time quite a bit. It’s great how even horror books can rise your interest in things.


    • Absolutely…Carin the Damned….has a certain…ring to it. 😛 Carin die Verdammte!!! hahahaha

      So I fell into the foreign sounds better. German swearing is AWESOME. Also, I think I knew how to swear in Spanish before I could swear in English so maybe I’m biased. LOL!


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  4. Carin, I don’t think you are biased. German is a great swear and command language.

    Gaby, yes, the last one is bad.

    Judith, Yes, the title was easy. For once it sounds even better in German, according to Carin anyway, :).


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