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Chris from Book-a-rama is hosting a Princess Bride readalong in October. I already joined because I felt like re-reading the book. I only watched the film recently again and I so love Westley, Inigo and especially Vizzini (that might be down to Wallace Shawn though).

So, if you want to read “The Princess Bride” for the first time or re-read it for the umpteenth time, go over to Book-a-rama on October 02 and discuss it with all of us.

Chris’ copy looks interesting with the black and white cover. Mine is not even half as nice, but I want to show it nevertheless…

 My copy

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  1. You haven’t sold it to me yet, Rikki! I haven’t heard of the book, I don’t think, so I need to know what it’s about and how many pages (I assume a lot otherwise it’s not a readalong).

    Seriously, I’ll check it out. Haven’t done a readalong since January!
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    • Judith, OMG, you don’t know the Princess Bride? Then come along and read it with us. The Princess Bride is a wonderful book (and made into a wonderful film). It is a fairytale, a romance, an adventure story all wrapped up into a great package. It has love, swordsmen, evil princes and even more evil minions, a good hearted giant, a man out for revenge, pirates, strange creatures, it’s FANTASTIC!
      My copy has 398 pages, so it would even have qualified for the crazy book swap. See, not that bad.

      Have I sold it to you now?


    • In that case, Bella, it is absolutely, totally, and, in all other ways, inconceivable that you not participate :).


  2. Ok, it dawned on me that it may be a film – was it a cartoon maybe? Maybe I’m wrong AGAIN? Anyway, my library does not have it, and I do have enough books so I don’t want to spend money on it (not even knowing that I will like it).

    Is is a piece of serious literature, or is it just the film that made it popular?
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    • No, no cartoon! A film with real people.

      Aah, too bad your library doesn’t have it and you won’t buy it.

      The film, which is extremely good, probably helped to make it widely known, but that doesn’t mean that the book doesn’t deserve to be read. What exactly do you mean when you say “serious literature”? It is not pulp or a cheap romance, if that is what you were hinting at.


  3. I’ve never read this book… but have watched the movie many, many times (and own it). I don’t think I even realized it was a book first! I am about to embark on a read-a-long of Bleak House, so I can’t commit to anything else. BUT I will add this to my TBR as I really do want to read it (now that I know it’s a book!).
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    • I LOVE the movie, too. Can’t say whom I like most, but possibly Vizzini, I think Wallace Shawn is cool.
      I’m planning on watching it this week again.


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