Conventional Education by TC Blue


When good friends and sometime-lovers-of-convenience meet again at a convention, sparks fly, but between Trent’s new job working for Neverwhere Games and Lucas’ co-star shocking the world, things get complicated.

Months later, during another convention, Trent and Lucas are faced with betrayal and manipulation from an unexpected source. Can they find a way to make things work or will their whole relationship suffer from an unexpected Conventional Education?

My thoughts: 

Slowly, but very slowly, Lucas’ and Trent’s “affair” turns into more, even if only in the minds of both men. They are still only meeting irregularly at conventions and – even though it is mentioned that they actually TALK about things on the phone – once they meet it’s clothes off immediately. I have to admit that I am eagerly waiting for the two guys to finally establish that there is more to their relationship than banging each other’s brains out.

A few more characters are introduced in person in this second instalment and they added some much needed distraction. Rory and Matthew, as well as Richard and Terrence are good side characters who are probably playing a bigger part in the third story. I’m looking forward to that.

The act of betrayal mentioned in the blurb will carry on into “Unconventional” as well and I am already curious to see how this will turn out.

All in all I regard this in between novella as a transitional story that continues what began in “Conventional Wisdom” and slowly leads to the conclusion to the story in the last novel. I wouldn’t read either of those books as a stand alone.


Title Conventional Education
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-60370-866-1
Buy link Buy Conventional Education

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  1. Rikki are you pretty well informed on all kinds of LGBT literature? I notice you read a lot of the romancy sort of novels. I love LGBT fiction, but I am never sure where to start. I want something really deep, but without all the sex. I mean…I want SOME of the sex…I AM GAY AFTER ALL…but I want a really great, deep story too…oooooooooo…especially if it’s a coming of age story. I am sucker for them!! Do you have any suggestions?
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