Comparing covers: The Gargoyle

It’s “The Gargoyle” today. Possibly this book will be the September book of the Unputdownables Book Club at Goodreads. But I am planning to read it in the buying ban month September anyway. I managed to finally get a copy at my book swapping site, a copy with my favourite cover, I might add. Even though the cover doesn’t play a part in my decision whether to read a book or not, I still like some better than others. In this case I very much prefer the 7th cover with the woman’s back and the heart.

gargoyle1 gargoyle2 gargoyle3

gargoyle4 gargoyle5 gargoyle6

 gargoyle German cover

I wonder why the English covers have two different quotes in that banner across the heart. One says “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting often violently, just like love”, the other one “Love is as strong as death, as hard as hell”. The German quote (cover 8)  is a translation of the first one.

Another funny thing is that they left out the definite article in the German title. Why would they do that? They could call it “Der Gargoyle” and it would be just fine.

Which cover do you prefer?


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  1. I agree, the tattoo is wonderful. I just like the colors and the fonts of the other cover much better. And you still get the nice tattoo on top of it.


    • Oh, great, I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

      I’m not sure whether it is the same woman, somehow the tattoos look a bit different to me, but that might be because of the angle. Actually, no, I think the second tattoo is not as wide as the first one. It’s probably photoshopped on her back anyway, though.


      • Good point. I always forget about photoshop. My friends always have to remind me of that with celebrity stuff as well. I’ll say, “Oh wow, she looks incredible.” And they’ll remind me, “That’s not her leg, they took it from a 20 year old ballet dancer.” Gotta love photoshop. 😉
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