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happyawardJudith from Leeswammes Blog has given me this absolutely cute looking Happy Award. My taste is pretty girly, I’m afraid to say, so this pink image is totally my thing. Thank you so much, Judith!

My task is to write down 10 things that make me happy and pass on the award to fellow blogger(s).

OK, let’s see…

  • Waking up in the morning knowing I have no schedule to follow.
  • Getting up and going into a clean and spotless kitchen – because I pulled myself together and tidied it up before I went to bed the night before.
  • Having breakfast at my favourite cafe with the kids being safely packed away in school and kindergarten.
  • Going to the family park to go on fun rides without having to queue for an hour.
  • Watching a cozy mystery movie while doing some crafts and having a coffee
  • Starting on a vacation, sitting in the car, a long drive ahead and knowing there is a ferry waiting for us at the end of the day.
  • Alternatively, starting on a vacation, sitting in the car, a long drive ahead and knowing we will be in Italy in a few more hours.
  • Getting an unloved task done, like for example filing away paperwork that has literally been waiting for years.
  • Going on a shopping tour and finding just the things I wanted for a bargain price.
  • Meeting people that I haven’t seen for a long time to find out that we still connect.

So, now to the passing on part. I’m passing this award on to Bella because she can do with some stress relief and think of some nice things. At the moment she is obsessing over her TBR pile mountain range and needs a distraction. Badly!

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  1. Glad you enjoy getting the award. I think I can agree on most of your happy things. I love going shopping in finding that just what I wanted has been reduced. That doesn’t happen too often, unfortunately.

    I also like to be able to tick some task off my list. Often the task isn’t as bad as I thought, and being able to forget about it is great!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Friday Blog Hop


  2. Ugh with paperwork! I have the same problem in my house! My goal next weekend is to shred all my old bills and file our new ones. I just hate having to keep paper because it clutters up the house so much (my house isn’t terrible, but someday I want to feel like I live in a nice, clean, uncluttered home–good luck to me with a techie for a husband. hehe).

    I like your list. Are you going to Italy this year? Oh Europe…how you tease me with your small countries! I wish I lived somewhere where traveling to lots of countries was possible. Even though I live relatively close to Mexico it’s not really safe to go there right now with all the cartel border violence. 🙁


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