Selling our used books at booklooker

We finally decided to sell some of our used books. We have tons of obscure books (and not so obscure) that we want to get rid off and considered selling them from our own blog. However, a friend told us about booklooker, a site where you can sell your used books for a small commission. The exposure is much better, naturally, so we went with that solution.


We decided to call ourselves Motley Books because our collection is rather, um, motley. We only have a handful of books up, but will continuously add more. If you would like to know about new books available you can follow Motley Books on twitter.

To see our books for sale, please go to Motley Books’ booklooker page. See you there :)!

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    • They don’t seem to have an English site, which is a pity seeing that they offer international shipping. However, if you go to “Suchen” (search) in the top left corner of the sidebar you can search for a specific title or author in the search form or alternatively click on “Englischsprachige Bücher”. Then you can choose between various categories.
      It’s odd that they don’t offer a translated version. As a site with more than 87000 English and 37000 books in other languages you would think it would be worthwhile.


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