The book buying ban and my revised reading list for September

It’s September and the Book buying ban is in effect. And already I am planning what to buy AFTER the ban. You see, Wallace from Unputdownables has bought a Nook. The Nook has nothing to do with me, of course, but Wallace was contemplating what books to buy for it and mentioned one that sounds very interesting. I don’t even read thrillers and in spite of this I want to read I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman. Guess what, I am going to order it on Oct 1st! As it happens there is the RIP V challenge going on at the time and the book fits perfectly in.

I updated my TBR pile on Goodreads and the actual number of books to read I have right here at my fingertips (not only on a virtual wish list) amounts to a whopping 37. Not too bad at all!

Another thing is my reading list. I know. September has only started and I already have to revise it.

I think I have to make the following changes to the list…

  • “The Gargoyle” is still on. It IS the September read at the Unputdownables Book Club at Goodreads.
  • I will read “The Jane Austen Book Club” simply because I will have to return it soon and I already started reading it.
  • I don’t want to lament again about “The Shipping News” but this book really is not for me. I’ll hang on though.
  • Then I need to put “The Black Dragon” on the back burner. I managed to get “Fugitive” by Cheryl Brooks at my swap site. The Cat Star chronicles are just such fun to read. Fluff, yes, but oh so nice. I’m allergic to cats, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having one of them at home, ;-).
  • Dreamspinner just released “The Outlaw”, a steampunk  m/m romance by Rebecca Leigh. I can’t resist this. I have heard so much about Steampunk, but never read anything, so this opportunity is just too good to pass.

Depending on how quick I am (not too quick I’m afraid, since I also started working again after my vacation) I will read one more of my original list, but this is about it.

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Right, so book buying ban. Carin from A little Bookish has put together a list of hints to help us through the month. Hop over to her blog and get a few ideas!

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  1. Bella, that’s good to know that you liked the book. CArin said she wasn’t too fussed on it.

    Judith, oh, I know, but I so wanted to like the book, so maybe it’ll get better in a bit. Not giving up yet.


  2. Why do romance novels always have to have long haired men or guys with cowboy hats? *sigh* Granted, the ones you read the men wouldn’t be interested in me anyway. LOL! It drives me crazy though. It’s a huge reason why I abhor reading romance–they all have long hair! I hate long man hair.

    OK…rant over. 37? Really? That’s like a tiny stack compared to the rest of us. Hehehe.

    I do hope you like Jane Austen Book Club. Like you said in another post, I don’t think we have all that similar taste in books so you might like it! 🙂


    • No idea what it is about long haired men, but I love long hair, so I don’t mind. Give me a pony tail or hair to the waist and I’m drooling, lol.
      Actually, I must disappoint you, I have come across long hair in straight romance much more often than in m/m. The Cat Star Chronicles (where Fugitive comes into play) is a straight futuristic romance and the guys are pretty, um, unique :).


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