Unconventional by TC Blue


When Trent agrees to move to Los Angeles with Lucas, he knows things aren’t going to be easy. Between a lawsuit, Lucas’ closeted status, difficulty finding work, and a few other things, ‘not easy’ turns out to be an understatement.
Lucas can’t regret bringing his lover to L.A., but he also can’t live openly with Trent the way he wants to. When an unexpected film role makes Lucas even more high-profile than he already was and an unknown enemy steps in to complicate things even further, Lucas has some hard choices to make. Trent’s happiness, and Lucas’, depend upon making the right ones.

My thoughts: 

Trent and Lucas are living together now, but keep up the appearance that Lucas is merely helping out Trent who is down on his luck. Trent is not altogether happy with this situation but knows that Lucas will never come out of the closet. However, something unexpected happens and things change considerably.

It seems that some people were unhappy about the novel format for the conclusion of this series, since the two prequels were novellas and much shorter. I liked the longer format though. There were several issues to resolve, the lawsuit against Trent, the nature of Trent’s and Lucas’ future relationship and others that only turned up in "Unconventional". A shorter format would not have been long enough to give a satisfactory conclusion.

I still think that the two guys were too sex-focused. More often than not they turned to sex instead of talking first. Yes, eventually they came around to the talking but all in all the physical side of their relationship was a major plot point. I know it often is, but with all those problems that arose I would have liked them to talk them trough a little more. Another point that I still don’t get (but this is maybe only me being blue-eyed to the extreme) is why Lucas was so afraid to come out. Would the career of the actor in a syndicated show be ruined if the public found out he was gay? Why would the public care? Am I too naive to think that for a fan of a show the sexual orientation of the star is irrelevant? It would be to me.

All those little nagging things aside I enjoyed reading Trent’s and Lucas’ story a lot. They were both likeable characters and complemented each other perfectly. Another great character is the "other woman". I am one of those readers who strongly dislike women in the story. I can accept a colleague who shows up once in a while and minds her own business, but as soon as the woman is a best friend, confidante, partner or whatever I lose interest quickly. TC Blue, however, managed to portray Katie in such a way that I not only tolerated her, but actually liked her. She is funny, understanding, down to earth and has her own plans that work well with Lucas’ at the time.

If you like hot men and a solid plot with more than one strand you should go and read this series (I recommend you read the books in the proper order, you won’t enjoy them as much otherwise).


Title Unconventional
Author TC Blue
Publisher Torquere Books
ISBN 978-1-61040-25-1
Buy link Buy “Unconventional”

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  1. More often than not they turned to sex instead of talking first.

    This really does annoy me – As it feels like wasted page time or just filling the gap. It als oleesen the characters a bit for me.

    Despite that it’s good to know it had a solid plot, if I have to weed through “too sex-focused” scenes it nice to know I am getting a good story..

    Thanks for your thoughts..
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  2. Great review, Rikki, and I agree, Trent and Lucas have always focused firstly on their sexual relationship and then on their growing feelings. I can see why it might have irritated you, especially in this book where the two men have so many issues to work out between them.

    I enjoyed the book a great deal too, and I also liked the longer format. I think the previous two novellas, whilst still very enjoyable, didn’t have the depth of character or plotting as this one did, and the longer format certainly contributed to that.


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