Overheard in a bookshop

On Read Street I found this article that linked us up to the winners of the “Overheard in a bookshop” contest by the British independent booksellers. Go over there for a good laugh. Example:

A customer, on seeing a copy of Great Expectations:
“Look, they bring books out on all the TV programmes now.”

And what’s more: A commenter of the Read Street article mentioned a twitter tag #bookstorebingo, which turned out to be a must read. I already found this gem there just by going through the first 10 tweets:

Customer: Do you have Candied by Voltron?

Isn’t that dead funny? I’m laughing my ass off here right now.

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  1. Oh, I love #bookstorebingo Two that have happen to me personally are: a lady once who asked me for The Hounds of Brownsville by Holmes and most recently I was asked for Farmville by Orwell.
    Anna Marie’s last post ..Mask- Brassy Eyes


    • OMG, Anna Marie, this is so funny, too. Farmville by Orwell. Generation Facebook, lol! Can you keep a straight face when someone asks you stuff like that?


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