The Outlaw by Rebecca Leigh

TheOutlaw Blurb:

Outlander Kell Laughlin has been charged with murder, and though Damian Junter is assigned to find him in Terra Noir, the bounty hunter has his doubts about his quarry’s guilt. Damian won’t kill an innocent, so he must find Kell and get to know him—and the truth—before dispensing justice. It’s a decision that will lead to passion between them and expose political intrigue in the ruling aristocracy, endangering their lives and changing the world Damian knows forever.

 My thoughts: 

This was especially interesting to me because it is a steampunk story. So far I have never read anything steampunk, but was very curious about it. I totally liked that aspect and will definitely have to check out that genre in general. I loved the atmosphere and could picture Terra Noir very well from the description.

However, “The Outlaw” is a story that is too short for its plot and setting. I got a vague idea about the political situation with some sort of aristocracy in the East trying to keep the West down and so called outlanders in the West who try to foment a rebellion. I would have loved to know more about this but with a page count of 70 this was not possible.

Kell and Damian were both good characters with Kell being more or less the generic innocent outlaw and Damian being the man whose world is crumbling around him. And he takes this shattering of all his beliefs, well, not really in stride, but he comes around to the opposite point of view very quickly. I would have preferred to see this as a slower process.

Like I asked already in a recent review how come that it seems authors are delivering stories that have the potential for complex plot development in the form of a not even 100 pages long novella? The plot is wasted that way, because now it is too late to re-develop it and make it bigger, it’s already out there. There were so many possibilities in “The Outlaw”, slavery in the outlander society, the rebellion, corruption among the nobility in the East, Damian’s crushed world view, Kell going from wanted outlaw to rebellion leader, the story behind the oasis…, I could go on and on.

I loved “The Outlaw” and its atmosphere and just hope that Ms. Leigh is coming up with a (preferably longer) sequel because for me this story is far from over.

Title The Outlaw
Author Rebecca Leigh
Publisher Dreamspinner Press


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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my novella. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the story and steam punk aspect! I appreciate you honest review of the length and potential the story has to tell more—–and, yes I am working on a sequel that will go into more detail on many of the points you mention! When it comes out, I hope you’ll enjoy it!!


    • Thanks, Rebecca, for coming over and having a look. I’m already looking forward to the sequel.


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