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  1. I do not approve of this sort of posts during TBR month (when some of our mutual blogging friends banned themselves from buying books in order to reduce their TBR).

    What’s the smiley for disapproval? Please put it here:
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Friday Blog Hop


    • Not all my readers are participants of the ban and I certainly think most people are capable of stopping themselves from buying a house at the spur of the moment.

      Besides, the amount of books people might have already has nothing to do with the amount they might NOT acquire during a book buying ban that lasts a month.

      Sorry, Judith, no smiley for disapproval that I know of…:(


      • There are people that keep buying books at the spur of the moment (while at home, their husband is on the sofa with his (broken) leg after having fallen over the assorted TBR of which some books were left at inopportune places after running out of shelf space) and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they thought buying the neighbor’s house would be the ideal solution to their problem.

        So, in order to help those people (of the caliber that stands up at BHA meetings muttering an embarrassed “Hello, I’m C. and I’m a book hoarder”), I disapprove of this post wholeheartedly.

        But I would love to buy our neighbor’s house myself, actually! 🙂
        Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Friday Blog Hop


        • Did you have anyone specific in mind whose name starts with a C.? Just wondering….

          Actually Robbie suggested on his blog to inform Bella of this ideal solution to the space problem. I had thought of this myself already, lol.


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