Comparing covers: Rosemary’s Baby

Just because it is such a nice book (I never found it particularly terrifying, even though I usually hate horror of any kind), I’m showing you a few covers of Rosemary’s baby by Ira Levin. It seems there are not too many out there. Main feature is either the old sinister looking building or the ubiquitous pram.

image image image

image image

My favourite one is the first one, because I absolutely love old buildings with a bad reputation, if they come with gargoyles (or grotesques, which I know now. Gargoyles are the ones that spout water. My recent reading material was very educating on various subjects, you see), even better.

I have the second German cover, which I find not so bad either with its black silhouette.

Which one is your favourite cover and did you like the book?

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