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I know the book buying ban is on, but I got a few books during it (review books that are excluded) as well as one book from my swap site that I got a day before the ban started. I’m safe.


“Fugitive” by Cheryl Brooks, another instalment in the Cat Star chronicles. What woman does not love those cats, :)?


“The Outlaw” by Rebecca Leigh, a steampunk m/m novella. I never read anything steampunk before, so I am very curious. Already reviewed.

“Ruby Slippers” by Alexi Silversmith, another m/m novella. Already reviewed.

“Touch me gently” by J. R. Loveless, finally a novel length m/m story again. I was disappointed with the format of the previous two, so maybe this will be better.


What was in your mailbox lately?

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    • Ruby Slippers was the totally wrong format for the story. I liked it but was disappointed all the same.


  1. Read your review of The Outlaw. Looks like it’s a decent read. Sometimes novellas and short stories are frustrating because the story doesn’t feel complete.

    We ought to do a steampunk challenge next year. I’m so wanting to get into the genre. I have The Windup Girl on my list to read next month. I’m so excited about that.

    I’m not too worried about your tiny TBR list. You are so much better off than the rest of us. hehehe


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