What I like…besides books: music videos – Stand inside your love

In order to bring a bit more diversity to my blog I decided to add a What I like…besides books feature. I’ll simply post an image or video of something I like and chat about it if I feel like it.

The idea occurred to me today in the car when I listened to the Smashing Pumpkins and thought about their absolutely awesome video clip to “Stand inside your love”. It’s a great song, but the video is something else. What can I say, I just love men in skirts.

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  1. I have heard of them – but but never watch the video… The youngest boy child have some of their songs on his play list..

    Finger cross for the new feature – It’s sad, but bloggers and readers never really think their fellow bloogers have a life outside of reading..

    We have such tunnell vision when it comes to what we love…

    Happy week hon

    Erotic Horizon’s last post ..Monday Round-up – I got through my list


    • Yeah, isn’t that really strange that we are surprised to find out people do other things than just read or blog? That’s why I added this. If it doesn’t catch on, no matter, I just enjoy doing it.


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