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Sometimes amazon is spooky. The recommendations they give me are so accurate that I wonder where they get their information from. Now don’t say it’s previously bought books or books I looked at recently. I never buy GLBT books on amazon and the last time I bought a vampire book there must have been last year. So I have no idea what made amazon suggest Carmilla. Anyway, they did and it makes sense, but I have it already. I think I read Carmilla about 20 years ago or so. Carmilla, by the way, was written long before Bram Stoker came along.

This is the synopsis from amazon.

Living a lonely existence in a remote schloss in Styria, on the border of Austria and Hungary, Laura and her father play host to an unexpected guest, the beautiful young Carmilla. Her arrival is closely followed by an outbreak of unexplained deaths in the area, while the young women’s growing friendship coincides with a series of nightmares and mysterious nocturnal visitations, and a gradual downward spiral in Laura’s health. A chilling tale of the un-dead, Carmilla is a beautifully written example of the gothic genre. Believed to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s gothic masterpiece ‘Dracula’, written over twenty years later, Carmilla stands out as an all-time horror classic.

And here are a few covers in various languages. I only like the German e-book, all the others – no, thanks. The German one seems to be the only title that adds a little to it. It means “Carmilla, the female vampire”.



German e-book



image image


image image


image image


image image

If you have tasted blood now, no pun intended, and would like to read Carmilla, go to Project Gutenberg and download it for free.

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  1. Well I like the second Spanish one best! I even like the title….Carmilla: Our Lady of the Vampires. Sounds saintly in a menacing way. hehehehe

    The rest are pretty boring to me. I love this feature. Sorry I’ve been so bad lately about commenting on your blog. I’m trying to get through my 2000 posts on my Google Reader. I finally have it down to like 278. *sigh* Bad Carin!


    • Oh, I never even saw that Spanish subtitle. So the Germans are not the only ones.

      I used to have that many posts on google reader. Now I go there at least every other day and mark as read whatever I don’t read. And start clean the next day. You just have to let go sometimes.


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