Weekend cooking: Bake the man of your dreams

I haven’t participated in the Weekend cooking for a couple of weeks. However, a few days ago we went shopping for birthday gifts for our son and at the cashier I found this little baking kit for girls / women. Isn’t that the cutest? In German when a woman is single and no man is good enough for her we say to her that she has to bake a man she likes. And this is what this kit is for :). To “bake the man of your dreams”! It comes with a cookie cutter and a small book with recipes and tips for decorating. When I saw it I had to get it right away. It’ll be the perfect birthday gift for a single friend of mine…

Sorry, I can’t share a recipe for the dream man, but I didn’t want to open the sealed box. Maybe I can borrow it from her in a few weeks to help out a few more single girls out there.


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  1. Thanks everybody for your comments.

    @just mom: I think this was the first time ever that someone refers to the Germans having a sense of humour. You made my day. 🙂


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