And is never shaken by Alexi Silversmith


Cassian Ford is a successful writer in his forties, established at the local university. Andy Havers is a book restorer in his early twenties who just moved to town. They have nothing in common, and yet somehow everywhere they go, they seem to run into each other. Despite a bumpy beginning—an exasperated Cassian accuses Andy of being a stalker—the gap in age, and their many other differences, a passionate romance develops between them. But just when Andy is convinced he’s found true love, secrets from Cassian’s past erupt into the present, and Andy realizes it might not be him Cassian wants at all….

My thoughts: 

I liked Alexi Silversmith’s “Ruby Slippers” (apart from my misgivings about the wrong format), so I gave her another go. And again, the story is too short. This is such a shame since I liked the plot, the characters and the writing a lot. Just the plot development was rushed once more to the extreme which resulted in an even more rushed ending that was way too abrupt.

The first chapter was a tiny bit over the top with emotions. That scene and the fact that Cassian came out with some of the truth about his relationship with Adam early on gave me that bad feeling about the outcome of the story that lasted until the end. Andy who was so down to earth, nice and sensible (all in a good way) should have been a bit more reserved in my opinion. When Andy told  Patrick, his friend and someone I would definitely like to know more about, about Cassian he reacted in the way I would have expected. His warning was dismissed, however, and I did not understand that. Andy just jumped into that relationship without any misgivings about Cassian’s motives whatsoever. I found that strange. My alarm bells would have been ringing.

All this sounds as if I hadn’t liked the story, but I loved it. I loved Andy and I liked Cassian. The romance was rushed, yes, but I could live with that. When Andy and Cassian part in front of Andy’s flat I couldn’t believe what Cassian said to him. Those guys only had established that they liked each other after their previous unfortunate meetings and then Cassian came onto Andy like that. Whoa! I liked it.

When Andy found out the “truth” his reaction was understandable but the resolution was too quick and easy. I would have preferred a longer format to give more room for exploring Andy’s feelings after hearing the truth and to give an outlook into the future. I am not a big fan of epilogues, but in this case an epilogue would have been the minimum I expected. Sorry, but those last lines were not adequate in the least – even though you might say that Shakespeare expresses it better than anybody else would have done. Speaking of Shakespeare, I wonder why Andy didn’t recite the sonnet completely, but left out the first line(s) earlier on in the book.

All that being said, I need to have a look whether Alexi Silversmith wrote other stories in a longer format. I think they would be a real treat.

Title And is never shaken
Author Alexi Silversmith
Publisher Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 978-1-61581-445-9
Buy link Buy And is never shaken

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  1. Great review, Rikki, and you mirrored my thoughts exactly. The writing is excellent and I liked the characters and the story in general but wished there had been more page space to explore the relationship and the resolution.


  2. I have come across that lately. The stories are always too short for their plots. I feel like I am bitching about this all the time now.


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