My reading list for October


Great! September and the book buying ban is over and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled program and buy books as if there was no tomorrow (and I am sure some of us will do exactly that).

How did I do with my September list? So so. I think I will have to give up The Shipping News altogether. I just can’t bring myself to pick it up again. I have almost reached the same point with The Jane Austen Book Club. “Fugitive” by Cheryl Brooks, well, how can I put it? I had high expectations, but for some reason, it couldn’t hold my attention either. It’ll have to go on the back burner. Highlight of the month definitely was The Gargoyle.

My reading list for October is rather small. I expect to read a few review books plus the following:

  • “The Monkey’s Paw” by W. W. Jacobs (re-read) for the RIP challenge
  • “I’d know you anywhere” by Laura Lippman for the RIP challenge. I might have to postpone this one though simply for economical reasons. I am not willing to spend 20 EUR on it, and there is no way our library will have it anytime soon.
  • “The Princess Bride” for the Princess Bride read along at Chrisbookarama. Need to start this one today!
  • “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, just so. 
  • “Soulless” for the Steampunk challenge
  • “The Wish” by Eden Winters for review. Already read it, review will come shortly.
  • “Strange Fortune” by Josh Lanyon for review



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    • I will, Iris. It is due at the library next week. I find it so boring, can’t even remember who is who and what the characters’ names are. I’m glad I did not buy it.


  1. I agree, give up on the books that you can’t find any enthusiasm for. No one’s forcing you to read them and don’t be so strict on yourself! Reading should be fun.

    Your list of books for October looks great! I’ve got a list for next week and half a list for the week after, but after that? Who knows? But yes, I do have lists too!
    Leeswammes (Judith)’s last post ..Book Bloggers Abroad 15 – UK


  2. I have exams so my list of books is zero 🙁
    I really want to get back my life and read a book from the begin to the end without stopping!

    About your books, only know Heart of Darkness and The Princess bride, the last because I presented it to my sister. It’s very similar to the film, but it’s different too. I think you will like it 😀
    Kasumi’s last post ..Ronda de Concursos Octubre de 2010


    • Oh, I have read The Princess Bride before and – of course – have seen the film. This is going to be a re-read for me and I’m looking forward to it. I absolutely love both book and film (a rare case where both work for me).

      I know what you mean. I can never just sit down and read a book from first to last page nonstop. But then, I’m used to it by now so I don’t mind anymore.


  3. Bella, of course. I started reading the Princess Bride already for the readalong. Such fun!

    Kelly, yes, I can’t wait to finally get my hands on Soulless.


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